netLaw 101: Web Development at Cooley Godward & Kronish

Ways to Contact Cooley Godward & Kronish on the Web:

(phone) by office (+1)

(e-mail)  firstinitial dot lastname at cooley dot com (+1) (this varies by professional so users should look up individuals on the website)

(home page) (+1)

How Cooley Interacts On the Web:


- LinkedIn (+1)  (Group for Cooley alumni (+1))

- Facebook

- Jigsaw (+1)

- Martindale (+1)


Official blogs – In the (Red) is a bankruptcy blog published by Cooley Godward Partner Robert L. Eisenbach III. (+1)

The blog mentions Cooley Godward when describing Eisenbach’s affiliation with the firm.  In addition, the blog has uses a Cooley url.  Nevertheless, the blog does not say (explicitly) that it is published by the firm.

Twitter – While we did not find an official Cooley Twitter page, we did find Carl Grant’s Twitter.  Carl is the Senior Vice President of Business Development at Cooley Godward. (+1)

If anyone is going to have a Twitter page, business development is a good place to start.  (+2 extra points)


Official podcasts – n/a

Official webinars – The firm does host webinars (e.g. this upcoming webinar).  These are found by searching the event section of the firm’s website. (+1)

The events are a little harder to search because there is no specific search for webinar but there is a general search on the events page.

How Cooley Interacts With the Web:


- In the (Red) is created using Movable Type and is part of the LexBlog network.  (+1)


- In the (Red) may track site visits through the firm’s server but it does not use external sources such as sitemeter or google analytics.  In addition, the blog does not use feedburner to track feed subscriptions.  (+1)


In the (Red) is (most likely) hosted as part of LexBlog‘s service and is (most likely) redirected to the firm’s domain and published at a Cooley url.  (+1)

BigLaw Tech Score: 15 points

For an explanation of the BigLaw Tech Score, see this post.

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