[Product Review] Basecamp for Lawyers


Basecamp is probably the most well-known online collaboration tool.  For over a decade, teams have used Basecamp to collaborate on projects over the web.

As with all project management tools, I highly recommend that anyone considering Basecamp tries it first.  The tool will only work for you if you decide to work with it.

37signals offers a comprehensive tour – complete with audio, video, and screenshots – to introduce you to Basecamp’s basic features such as the dashboard, to-do lists, message boards, project overviews, and file sharing.

In addition, 37signals offers a 30-day trial period with each of Basecamp’s paid accounts.  Though 37signals does not process any payment during a trial period, it does require you to enter a credit card in order to activate a paid account.  Otherwise, you can sign up for a free account.  Although the free account does not showcase all of Basecamp’s features, it is sufficient to familiarize yourself with the site to see whether you can benefit from its service.

In comparison to other online project management tools, Basecamp’s major advantage is how well it integrates with other applications for desktops and mobile devices .  For example, a number of billing and invoicing clients easily pull data from Basecamp’s time-tracking feature to simplify accounting and collections.

Potential uses for legal professionals?

  • Office staff management.  Provides an overview of each individual’s workload, including office administrators, legal secretaries, paralegals, and even document review attorneys.  Delegate tasks more efficiently with easy collaboration.  Know who is handling what.  Work together towards milestones such as filing deadlines or client meetings.
  • Recruiting process collaboration.  Facilitate the hiring process from start to finish.  Share and collaborate on job requirements and descriptions as well as resumes, business plans, or other relevant hiring documents.  Use the messaging feature to post interview feedback about candidates.  Keep track of the hiring process with milestones.

Give Basecamp a try.

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