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Ways to Contact Dechert LLP on the Web:

(phone) by office (+1)

(e-mail) first name dot last name at dechert dot com (+1) (this varies by professional so users should look up individuals on the website)

(home page) http://www.dechert.com (+1)

How Dechert Interacts On the Web:


- LinkedIn (+1)

- Facebook

- Dechert Trainees (+1)

- Dechert Philadelphia Summer Associates ’07 (+1)

- Dechert LLP London Future Trainees (+1)

- Dechert LLP Staff (+1)

- Jigsaw (+1)

- Martindale (+1)


Official blogs – We could not find any official Dechert blogs or Twitter accounts.

Nevertheless, Jim Beck, Counsel in Dechert’s Appellate Practice, Mass Torts and Product Liability Litigation group, co-authors an unofficial blog entitled "Drug and Device Law" with colleague Mark Herrmann, a partner in a similar practice group at Jones Day. In addition, Jim and Mark maintain a Twitter account that complements their blog. (+0.5 – for Jim and Mark’s efforts)

Jim’s bio on Dechert’s site speaks favorably about Jim and Mark’s efforts and successes with the blog¹, however, the Drug and Device Law’s disclaimer page is explicit that the blog only represents the personal views of the authors and not of their respective firms.


Official podcasts – n/a

Official webinars – We could not find any webinars hosted or sponsored by Dechert.

How Dechert Interacts With the Web:


-  Though it’s not an official Dechert blog, Drug and Device Law is created with BlogSpot, Google’s free blogging service. (+0.5 – for Jim and Mark’s efforts)


- Drug and Device Law may track site visits through the Blogspot’s stat programs.  It also uses external sources such as google analytics. In addition, the blog does use feedburner to track feed subscriptions.  (+0.5 – for Jim and Mark’s efforts)


- Drug and Device Law uses Blogspot as its domain and for its hosting.  Its url makes no mention of Dechert or Jones Day.  (+0.5 – for Jim and Mark’s efforts)

BigLaw Tech Score: 12 points

¹"Since late 2006, Mr. Beck has been the co-host of The Drug and Device Law Blog [http://druganddevicelaw.blogspot.com], now ranked as the most widely-read product liability blog on the Internet by Justia Blawg Search. This blog concentrates on legal issues encountered in the defense of prescription drug and medical device product liability litigation, especially preemption. At the May 2007 annual DRI conference on drug and medical device defense, Sheldon Bradshaw, chief counsel of the FDA, cited Mr. Beck’s blog as an "excellent" source for information regarding preemption. In January 2008, the blog successfully recieved (sic.) its 100,000 pageview (sic.) ."

For an explanation of the BigLaw Tech Score, see this post.

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