Web Development at Dickstein Shapiro

Ways to Contact Dickstein Shapiro on the Web:

(phone) by office (+1)

(e-mail) last name first initial at dicksteinshapiro dot com (+1) (this varies by professional so users should look up individuals on the website)

(home page) http://www.dicksteinshapiro.com/ (+1)

How Dickstein Interacts On the Web:


- LinkedIn (+1)

- Facebook (Groups: Summer associates 2009 , Dickstein Shapiro Summer Associates 2008 , Dickstein Shapiro Summer Associates New York City 2009 )

Dickstein must let lawyers have profiles on social networking sites unlike some other firms we know! (+5)

- Jigsaw (+1)

- Martindale (+1)


Official blogs – While we did not find any firm sponsored blogs, we did find Corporate Insurance Blog , which is maintained by Dickstein Shapiro Counsel Scott Godes .  (+1)

Twitter – Again, we failed to find a firm-wide Dickstein Shapiro Twitter account but we are now following Scott Goddes tweets .  (+1)


Official podcasts – n/a

Official webinars – n/a

The events are a little harder to search because there is no specific search for webinar or podcast but there is a general search on the events page.

How Dickstein Shapiro Interacts With the Web:


- Corporate Insurance Blog is created using WordPress. (+1)


- Corporate Insurance Blog tracks site visits through WordPress Stats .  The site also utilizes Quantcast to measure and analyze traffic.  This is a new tool for us so we’ll be sure to thank Scott later for the introduction.

The site does not use any other third-party analytics tool such as sitemeter or google analytics .  In addition, the blog does not use feedburner to track feed subscriptions.


- Corporate Insurance Blog is hosted on WordPress.com though it is published on a vanity url. (+1)

BigLaw Tech Score: 17 points

For an explanation of the BigLaw Tech Score, see this post .