Every Lawyer Knows the AMLAW Firms, First Post in the #AMLAWTweeple Series

Last week, I received this question from @VMaryAbraham, “@mjsq Melissa, can you tell me more about your #Amlaw Tweeple project?”

I decided this was a good topic for a series of blog posts.  I’m not sure if I could handle it in one blog post, let alone 140 characters.

Before I address the #AMLAWTweeple project – why I started it (post #3) and what I hope to take away from it (post #4) – I’d like to address why I decided to compile a list of #AMLAWTweeple (post below) in addition to my methodology for adding people to the list (post #2).

While I hope each post is readable on its own, my goal is to use the entire series to answer @VMaryAbraham‘s question.

Every Lawyer Knows the AMLAW Firms

OK, I will admit that before I became a legal recruiter, I never once described a firm as an “Am Law firm.” I may have described large law firms as “BigLaw” but mostly I said “big firm” or “large firm.”¹

I will also admit that when I’ve dropped the word “Am Law” in casual conversation with BigLaw lawyers, they have given me quizzical looks and told me they didn’t understand my recruiting jargon.

Whether lawyers know the term “Am Law” or not, all lawyers know Am Law firms.

  • They’re the reason law schools host OCIs;
  • They’re the firms that – until recently – hired summer associates and took them to France or England, to baseball games, or fancy lunches;
  • They’re the firms who pay the salaries those large salaries that make us salivate;
  • They’re the firms who make the headlines.

Let me repeat that last point.  They’re the firms who make the headlines.

Time to change how the law is practiced?   …at Am Law firms.

Lawyers getting laid off?  …at Am Law firms.

Counsel to Fortune 500 companies?  …at Am Law firms.

In other words, for the #AMLAWTweeple project, I chose to point out a distinct group of legal professionals – those at a certain type of law firm – who are using Twitter.

Later in this series, I will discuss the reason why I decided to create this list (post #3).  For the purposes of this post, understand that I chose to find people at Am Law firms because these are the firms the public find newsworthy.

Who’s Included on the #AMLAWTweeple List?

The #AMLAWTweeple list includes anyone I can find who (currently) works at Am Law firms, as defined in the 2009 rankings in The American Lawyer.  The tweeple do not have to be lawyers.  They only have to currently hold a position at an Am Law firm.

Is this a referral list?  A #FollowFriday list?  A list of legal tweeters you endorse?  A list of the smartest lawyers out there?

No.  No.  No.  And, no.

Again, this is a resource listing professionals who currently hold positions at Am Law firms.

Actually, for legal professionals who are most familiar with Twitter, this may seem like a counterintuitive sort of resource list.  Why?  Well, to be honest, #AMLAWTweeple are not the most prolific tweeters nor are they the most creative tweeters.²

If I wanted to create a list of prolific legal professionals or lawyers who are using Twitter in innovative ways, I’d probably start with anyone on the faculty at the Solo Practice University.³

While I may recommend/endorse some of lawyers listed – and, remember, not all of the #AMLAWTweeple are lawyers -  it’s a completely separate question.

If you want to know who I recommend to follow on #FollowFriday, you’ll have to follow me to see.  (Note: I use hashtag FF instead.)

I think I am one of the smartest people I know.  (Yes, I am humble too). Did I make the list?  Exactly.

Next in the series:  My Methodology.

¹Disclaimer: As a pro-bono, lefty lawyer, I probably used other terms that are inappropriate for this post.

²Of course, there are exceptions to every rule.

³E.g., Niki Black, Julie Tower-Pierce, Stephanie Kimbro, Carolyn Elefant, Victoria Pynchon, or Jay Fleischman.  Then I’d continue with people like Kevin Houchin and too many others to name here.

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