[OH Jobs] LexisNexis Corporate Counsel

I remember someone during my first year of law school calling LexisNexis, “law school crack.”  How right she was.  I soon became addicted.  Legal writing professor needed a memo?  I researched it thoroughly.  Had an job interview?  I learned the voting party of my interviewer (in certain states) so I knew whether or not to joke about Scalia.

As a self-proclaimed tech/legal nerd/geek, my dream job would be to work at Lexis and have access to all of that INFORMATION!  All of those ARCHIVES!  All of that case law building our world’s history.

Unfortunately, I’m not quite suited for a Corporate Counsel position but I’m sure it fits one of you very nicely.  One of you in Miamisburg, OH.

Brief description here, full description and application process on website:

1.Provide legal assistance to various individuals/departments within the company, as assigned, with a primary emphasis on content licensing, content acquisition and rights management.
2. Independently advise business units on matters requiring developed legal and counseling skills in one or more specified areas of expertise, with a primary emphasis on content licensing, content acquisition and rights management.

1. J.D. degree from an accredited law school
2. Licensed to practice law by a state in the United States
3. Five to nine years of relevant experience in a law firm or corporate legal department.
4. Experience in content licensing and acquisition preferred.
5. Strong communication and negotiation skills.
6. Ability to establish and maintain strong working relationships with internal business partners.
All of the following accountabilities will be primarily focused in the area of content licensing, content acquisition and rights management:
1. Prepare drafts and final copies of legal documents and correspondence within an assigned area and within the scope of developed legal expertise.
2. Prepare drafts of complex legal documents and correspondence as part of a project team with senior attorneys and management and modifies documents, as required.
3. Identify issues, conduct legal research, prepare memoranda, and advise internal clients regarding multiple issues requiring developed skills in specified areas of expertise.
4. Negotiate and/or approve changes to legal documents requiring an intermediate level of expertise.
5. Manage assigned projects to completion.
6. Assist more senior attorneys and management in higher level matters, as needed.

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