Viewing Am Law 100 Listings As Google Doc

I sent out this e-mail last night to all site members. I’d also like to post it here as a general announcement.


This is the Google document for the Am Law 100 job listings that I posted yesterday on the site. Remember, if you’d like to sort by practice area or location, view it in the Google doc as a list. (Under View, pick List view.) Once it’s in list view, click on the link to sort how you’d like.

From now on, I will automatically give you access to the Google document when I publish the post. Therefore, I will not send out any more e-mails like this.

In addition, I will start sending my newsletter once per month with links to the updated listings in case you missed them when I posted them. So you know, I try to post the Am Law 100 listings during the first half of the month and the Am Law 200 listings during the second half of the month. However, there is no set schedule.

If you would like, you can always subscribe to the RSS feed of the blog portion of my site. Since January, I have a new RSS feed so make sure the feed address you have is up to date. (To test, make sure you can see the last five updates on the Blog page in your RSS viewer.)

Finally, I mentioned to some of you that I have a new, geeky feature on my site: a live chat! If I’m around, it will say I’m available. Feel free to send a message. It’s only me :-)



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