Recommended Reading: ILTA Presentations, Negotiating Compensation, + Lawyer Bios

As I mentioned on Monday, this week I’m playing catch-up. Mostly, this means that I’m browsing through the ILTA coverage and presentations that I missed last week.

However, as I scroll through Twitter and Google Reader, I’m finding a few link nuggets worth sharing:

Lawyer Transitions: Talking About Compensation
Tips for when to bring up compensation requirements and what to say in response to questions about compensation requirements.

Legal Rebels $5,000 Essay Contest
How I wish I kept up with my ABA dues.

A New View of the Automated Law Firm
Guest blogger Andrew McLennan-Murray succinctly describes this 2010 ILTA presentation by Gerard Neiditsch, Jeffrey Rovner, Mary Abraham, and Ron Friedmann (PDF download) of the same name over at Legal Current.

The Art and Science of Lawyer Bios
Bob Ambrogi writes an excellent primer on how to write lawyer bios in response to Matt Homann’s Venn diagram on the issue.

Law School Grades More Important to Career than Elite School, Researchers Say
That’s been my advice to anyone who pursues a career in law: go to the law school that offers you the best programs for the cheapest amount of money.

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