WordPress for Law Firm Resource

Before my interview with Gyi, I downloaded AttorneySync’s Guide To WordPress Blogs For Lawyers.

I figured, I do this stuff for a living but may as well check out what my competition has to say!

Let me say this, if you are deciding what platform to use for your firm’s site or you’ve recently started to use WordPress, I’d recommend downloading it for yourself.

AttorneySync’s guide offers a brief explanation of how WordPress serves as a content management system.  It explains WordPress’s roles as a blogging tool and platform.

It also outlines the basic structure of how WordPress organizes its sites by default.  It explains the hierarchy and defines the terminology that WordPress uses.

Finally, the guide provides its own list of recommended resources, including one of my faves: Lorelle on WordPress.

A legal analogy:  It’s almost like an Emanuel’s outline for the WordPress Codex.

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