BigLaw 100 Job Listings August 2010 Now Available

August’s BigLaw 100 Job Listings is now available for the public. You can download them here.

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Member Exclusive: August 2010 BigLaw 100 Job Listings

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Download: 2010-August – BigLaw 100 Job Listings

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BigLaw 100 Jobs Update and Latest BigLaw 200 Jobs

I’m so happy with the great responses I’ve gotten to the list of the BigLaw Jobs. I’m listening to all of your comments and feedback!!

I’ve made some minor updates to the BigLaw 100 Jobs (June 28, 2010), which you can order here. The cost is $4.00 plus tax.¹ You will be e-mailed a link to download an excel file once you complete your purchase.

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I’ve also completed the BigLaw 200 Jobs (July 21, 2010), which you can order here. Like the BigLaw 100 Job Listings, the cost is $4.00 plus tax. You will be e-mailed a link to download an excel file once you complete your purchase.

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The BigLaw 100 & BigLaw 200 lists include all of the lateral associate and lateral partner openings that firms publish on their websites.  The lists also include most legal marketing, knowledge management, recruiting or career development, business development or practice support, and paralegal positions found on the websites.


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¹ I sent the revised version to anyone who purchased the original BigLaw 100 Listings.  (It’s only fair, right?)

2 If all goes as planned…! Also, big thanks, Naomi Beard! Wonderful idea.

[Job] PA Human Relations Committee in Pittsburgh

The Pennsylvania Human Relations Committee or PHRC is currently seeking applicants for the Pittsburgh Regional Director.

Regional Director, Pittsburgh
Salary: $69,614

Job Announcement Number (2010-108)
State Classification: Regional Director
Opening Date: June 16, 2010

PA Human Relations Commission seeks applicants for Regional Director in Pittsburgh PA. Responsible for administrative, fiscal management of regional operations supporting equal opportunity and antidiscrimination programs through strategic planning, specialized research, and statistical and systems analysis.

Minimum requirements: Bachelor’s degree plus six years experience in social work, counseling, education, civil rights, labor relations or community relations, including two years supervisory work in human relations. Travel required. Equivalent combination of experience and training accepted.

This is a civil service position; a job announcement and required application materials may be obtained from internet:; or by contacting Richard Fairfax, 301 Chestnut Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101-2702; Telephone (717) 783-8483. Application/supplements must be postmarked by July 3, 2010.

Job Announcement: 2010-2012 Seton Hall Law School Center for Social Justice Clinical Fellow

This job announcement landed in my inbox.  I figured I’d post it though I’m not sure any other details.

2010-2012 Seton Hall Law School Center for Social Justice Clinical Fellow

Seton Hall University School of Law is seeking applications for a Clinical Fellow to work in our Center for Social Justice from July/August 2010 to July/August 2012.  The Clinical Fellow will work primarily with two professors within the Center for Social Justice:  Lori A. Nessel, Director of the Center for Social Justice and Co-Professor in the Immigrants’
Rights/International Human Rights Clinic and Jenny-Brooke Condon, Professor in the new Equal Justice Clinic.  The Immigrants’
Rights/International Human Rights Clinic focuses on a range of human rights and immigration cases including: political asylum; trafficking; Violence Against Women Act petitions; day laborer wage theft claims; petitions and amicus briefs before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, Inter-American Court on Human Rights, and European Court on Human Rights; and, human rights fact-finding and reporting.  The Equal Justice Clinic handles a variety of direct service and impact litigation involving civil and human rights with a primary focus on the rights of immigrants,
women, and other historically vulnerable groups.   The Fellow will also be
responsible for assisting with the Haiti Rule of Law Project.

The Fellowship provides a unique opportunity to gain clinical teaching and public interest litigation experience in a supportive academic/law school environment, while working closely with Professors in the Immigrants’
Rights/International Human Rights and Equal Justice Clinics.  The Clinical Fellow will assist with client intake, all aspects of immigration, civil, and human rights litigation, supervision of clinical students, and the teaching of clinical seminars.  In addition, the Clinical Fellow will be responsible for the preparation of colloquia and community training manuals, networking with community and national immigration and civil rights advocacy groups, and case coverage during the summer months.

All applicants must be members of a state Bar; New Jersey bar membership is preferred but not required.  All applicants should have a strong academic record, and excellent writing and oral communication skills.
While we welcome applications from new attorneys, strong preference will be given to applicants who had a clinical experience or other public interest service during law school, a clerkship, and/or relevant post-graduate litigation experience. Annual salary is $60,000 plus benefits, including medical insurance.

Please send a resume and letter of interest by May 1, 2010 to: Daphney West, Program Coordinator, Center for Social Justice, Seton Hall University School of Law, 833 McCarter Highway, Newark, NJ 07102 or via e-mail to

Good luck!

Round-Up: Am Law 100 Job Listings

I am redesigning how I distribute the Am Law jobs. In the meantime, I have opened this page up to the public. I will also send out a newsletter alert in case people don’t check this site everyday (how dare they!).

Newsletter folks will also get an invite to view the spreadsheet via Google Docs so that they can sort (Google Docs > View > List View).

Finally, I’m out of the country for the next week but I will have some access to e-mail. I apologize for any delays.

Round-Up: Am Law 200 Job Listings

This is the updated Am Law 200 jobs list. I’ve automatically shared it as a Google document with members of the site. If you have any questions, feel free to send me an e-mail, give me a call, and/or chat with me if I’m available.

Remember, site membership is open for anyone who subscribes to my newsletter on or before March 1, 2010 at 12:01 AM EST.

Alternative Listings at Am Law 200 Firms

I was on a roll so I decided to update the Am Law 200 jobs. Who knows, maybe if I keep it up, I’ll update the lists every other week?

I will post the updated Am Law 200 job listings in the next post (members-only, folks but see: this good news!). In the meantime, I wanted to point out a few alternative job listings that caught my eye:

Round-Up: Am Law 100 Job Listings

For my observations on this list and hiring at Am Law 100 firms, please refer to this post:  Firms Take Recruiting In-House and Other Am Law Job Observations.

Key: New jobs highlighted in green. If a firm removed any job(s), the firm’s name is highlighted in red.

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