Round-Up: Am Law 200 Job Listings

This is the updated Am Law 200 jobs list. I’ve automatically shared it as a Google document with members of the site. If you have any questions, feel free to send me an e-mail, give me a call, and/or chat with me if I’m available.

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Round-Up: Am Law 200 Job Listings

UPDATE: I heard a few of you prefer Google Docs so I added a Google Docs version to the bottom of this post. If you haven’t told me which one you prefer, feel free to send an e-mail or leave a comment.

netLaw 101: Web Development at Akerman Senterfitt

Ways to Contact Akerman Senterfitt on the Web:

(phone) by office (+1)

(e-mail)  firstname dot lastname at akerman dot com (+1)

(home page) (+1)

How Akerman Senterfitt Interacts On the Web:


- LinkedIn (+1)

- Facebook (none)

- Jigsaw (+1)

- Martindale (+1)


    - Official blogs (none)

    While the firm has no official blogs, Attorney Ralph Losley‘s (personal) professional blog on e-Discovery is noteworthy, especially because the ABA published it as a “blook.” (+1)


      - Official podcasts (none)

        How Akerman Interacts With the Web:


        - n/a (no official blogs or podcasts)


          - n/a (no official blogs or podcasts)


            - n/a (no official blogs or podcasts)

              BigLaw Tech Score: 7 points

              For an explanation of the BigLaw Tech Score, see this post.