Ongoing Project: AMLAW Tweeple

Last updated: February 1, 2010
Updated version is color coordinated by role in the firm. See below for key. Will publish the full version for members-only. Lists role (partner, associate, counsel, etc.) and practice area for attorneys.


netLaw 101: Web Development at Baker Botts

Ways to Contact Baker Botts on the Web:

(phone) by office (+1)

(e-mail)  firstname dot lastname at bakerbotts dot com (+1)

(home page) (+1)

How Baker Botts Interacts On the Web:


- LinkedIn (+1)

- Facebook

- Jigsaw (+1)

- Martindale (+1)


Official blogs (none)

- Twitter: (no updates, no follows, no points (as of March 5, 2009)).


Official podcasts (none)

Official webinars (none)

While the firm does not host any official webinars, it seems like attorney David Arlington is dipping his feet in the technology.  Way to go!

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How Baker Botts Interacts With the Web:


- n/a (no blogs or podcasts)


- n/a (no blogs or podcasts)


- n/a (no blogs or podcasts)

BigLaw Tech Score: 6 points

For an explanation of the BigLaw Tech Score, see this post.