BigLaw 100 Job Listings August 2010 Now Available

August’s BigLaw 100 Job Listings is now available for the public. You can download them here.

Read more about the job lists project here.

Members, I’m still in the process of making the archives available to you once you’ve signed in. In the meantime, please feel free to contact me about viewing July’s listings.

Finally, thank you to all members/newsletter subscribers who purchased the August listings when I first published them last week. There are some updates in the version now available for download so I will send you the updated version for free ASAP. (Again, it’s only fair, right?)

Happy Friday the 13th!

Member Exclusive: August 2010 BigLaw 100 Job Listings

It’s hot off the press! 

Download: 2010-August – BigLaw 100 Job Listings

I will send the link to newsletter subscribers on Friday (8/6/10) who are not already site members.  I will post the link on my site’s homepage on Sunday (8/8/10).

Therefore, take advantage of this knowledge while you can!  Get your resumes in early or make phone calls about the jobs now. On Sunday (8/8/10), site members will also be able to log in and access a limited version of the listings from July.

I plan to double-check the listings before I re-post them on Friday and Sunday.  If you purchase it now and there are any significant changes, I will send you the updated version for free.

Also, if you like this and/or find it useful, please let me know in the comments and/or send me an e-mail.  If you’re okay with it, I’d love to post some testimonials.

Once more…

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