BigLaw Job Lists – December and Archives

For those who receive my newsletter, this may be some old news. But, who knows, maybe you missed it.

I updated the BigLaw 200 Jobs.  You can download the updated version for $4.00!  You can even share the link with a friend – you’re allowed 3 downloads with each purchase.  I hope to get the BigLaw 100 Job List up there soon.

If you don’t want to pay $4.00 for the most up-to-date information, you can wait for the BigLaw Job archives. First available? October 2010 – BigLaw 200 Jobs.

Some of the jobs on the archived lists will no longer be available because, well, time is of the essence. (Which is why you should buy ‘em when they first come out!)  Therefore, I won’t be including any links in the archives either.

BigLaw 200 Jobs Updated for September!

In case you missed yesterday’s tweet, I’ve updated the BigLaw 200 Job Listings for September.

For less than $5, the list includes:

190+ attorney positions including lateral partner, lateral associate, staff attorney, temp or contract attorney, and one or two entry-level openings.

45+ paralegal and/or patent agent positions.

35+ administrative positions at the law firms, i.e., conflicts, business development, practice support, professional development, e-discovery

In response to your feedback…

I’ve created separate sheets for each type of position for easier navigation. [Note: In the picture, I opened the file in Google docs but the bottom of the page should look similar in Excel or Numbers.]

I’ve also made it easy to filter by city, state, and firm, if you click on these headers. You can also filter by practice type and years of experience columns… but, proceed with caution!  These columns are still works in progress.

What do you think?  Is endeavor “tell a friend” worthy?

I know looking at job boards is a pain but is it a pain worth solving for $4? Tell me your thoughts!