BigLaw 100 Jobs Updated!

I’ve updated the BigLaw 100 jobs for October.  You can download it here.

Based on your feedback, it seems that the attorney job listings are the most useful. In order to update the lists more frequently — BigLaw 200 Jobs will be available next week! – I decided to limit the focus to attorney jobs.

In addition, next week, I’m introducing a new list that will include only in-house jobs.

Right now, the plan is to include 50 in-house opportunities and update it every other week.  What do you think?  Would you be interested in something like that?

Let me know in the comments or in an e-mail!

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BigLaw 200 Jobs Updated for September!

In case you missed yesterday’s tweet, I’ve updated the BigLaw 200 Job Listings for September.

For less than $5, the list includes:

190+ attorney positions including lateral partner, lateral associate, staff attorney, temp or contract attorney, and one or two entry-level openings.

45+ paralegal and/or patent agent positions.

35+ administrative positions at the law firms, i.e., conflicts, business development, practice support, professional development, e-discovery

In response to your feedback…

I’ve created separate sheets for each type of position for easier navigation. [Note: In the picture, I opened the file in Google docs but the bottom of the page should look similar in Excel or Numbers.]

I’ve also made it easy to filter by city, state, and firm, if you click on these headers. You can also filter by practice type and years of experience columns… but, proceed with caution!  These columns are still works in progress.

What do you think?  Is endeavor “tell a friend” worthy?

I know looking at job boards is a pain but is it a pain worth solving for $4? Tell me your thoughts!

BigLaw 100 Jobs Update and Latest BigLaw 200 Jobs

I’m so happy with the great responses I’ve gotten to the list of the BigLaw Jobs. I’m listening to all of your comments and feedback!!

I’ve made some minor updates to the BigLaw 100 Jobs (June 28, 2010), which you can order here. The cost is $4.00 plus tax.¹ You will be e-mailed a link to download an excel file once you complete your purchase.

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I’ve also completed the BigLaw 200 Jobs (July 21, 2010), which you can order here. Like the BigLaw 100 Job Listings, the cost is $4.00 plus tax. You will be e-mailed a link to download an excel file once you complete your purchase.

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I think we’ve come a long way in a few short weeks.

Anyway, I’m trying to get the word out about the listings. How’s this for promotion?

Think about it

For $4, any lawyer, paralegal, or law firm professional can save time.

For $4, any law firm can save recruiting fees.

Download a list of all of the jobs law firms have recently posted on their website.

Current edition: BigLaw 200
Last edition: BigLaw 100
Next edition: “I wanna go in-house!”2

The BigLaw 100 & BigLaw 200 lists include all of the lateral associate and lateral partner openings that firms publish on their websites.  The lists also include most legal marketing, knowledge management, recruiting or career development, business development or practice support, and paralegal positions found on the websites.


My goal is to sell a total of 500 copies by July 31, 2010.

Think it will work? (Say yes. Say yes.)

Wanna help me make it work? (Say yes. Say yes.)

Here are some awesome things that you can do to show your support:

  • Download the BigLaw 100 Listings;
  • Download the BigLaw 200 Listings;
  • Tell your friends/family/colleagues/neighbors/acquaintances/HR department to download both listings;
  • Blog about how awesome these listings are
  • Tweet about how awesome these listings are (See: tweet button in upper right-hand corner.);
  • Share a link to these listings on your Facebook wall (sorry, no FB integration yet. You’ll have to copy & paste the link.);
  • Leave a comment about how useful these listings are;
  • Send me feedback on how to make the listings even better.

Ready, Team?

500 copies.


¹ I sent the revised version to anyone who purchased the original BigLaw 100 Listings.  (It’s only fair, right?)

2 If all goes as planned…! Also, big thanks, Naomi Beard! Wonderful idea.