Recruiting Position at Latham in San Diego

Here is the description from the website:

Manager of Attorney Recruitment and Development

Office Address:
San Diego
600 West Broadway, Suite 1800
San Diego, CA 92101-3375
Shift: Day-Shift
Category: Recruitment

About The Firm

Latham & Watkins is one of the top ten law firms in the world, with more than 4,000 personnel located in 30 offices around the globe.  Since 1934, the attorneys, paralegals, and professional staff of our firm have been driven by the core values that define who we are: respect, entrepreneurship, teamwork and a commitment to deliver the highest quality work and service to our clients. Regardless of title, everyone at Latham is expected to exceed expectations, reach for new challenges, and achieve great things. In addition to providing legal counsel to top public and privately held corporations, investment banks and private equity firms, Latham provided more than US $100 million in free legal services in 2009 alone via its award-winning pro bono program.

Job Description

A leader in professional services, Latham employs the best and brightest professionals to sustain the firm’s growing global infrastructure and support the operations of each of our practice offices.  We are currently seeking a Manager of Attorney Recruitment and Development to join our San Diego office.

As a Manager of Attorney Recruitment and Development at Latham you will contribute your expertise to contribute to the strategic planning and implementation of goals and objectives of the Department. You will report directly to the Office Administrator.

The successful candidate will manage all aspects of lateral attorney hiring, the fall and summer recruiting programs, and new attorney orientation, integration and development.  Your responsibilities will include developing and maintaining relationships with Office Managing Partners, Local Department Chairs, Global Recruiting Managers and other local Recruiting Committee members regarding the ongoing hiring needs of practice offices. You will also ensure that a full array of training and professional development opportunities are provided and will develop budgets and monitor expenses for outreach and recruiting efforts.  Leadership ability, supervisory experience, professional presence, initiative, team orientation, commitment to diversity and excellent interpersonal, organizational, management, and technical skills are a must.

Latham & Watkins values versatility and adaptability in our high paced, collaborative environment. You will be expected to apply your organizational skills, communication skills and attention to detail to meet multiple deadlines while displaying a positive, high-energy attitude.  You must have a bachelor’s degree in business or a related field – an MBA or JD is a plus. An ideal candidate should have five (5) years of experience in a large law firm or professional services environment.

This is a great opportunity for a candidate who has strong management skills, ability to establish and manage deadlines, excellent leadership skills and well developed interpersonal skills.  If you are the right candidate and can meet these requirements, please submit your resume by clicking the Apply Now link on this page.

Latham & Watkins is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Our commitment to diversity, equal opportunity and sustainability enables Latham & Watkins to draw from a remarkable wealth of talent to create one of the world’s leading law firms.

Round-Up: Am Law 100 Job Listings

For my observations on this list and hiring at Am Law 100 firms, please refer to this post:  Firms Take Recruiting In-House and Other Am Law Job Observations.

Key: New jobs highlighted in green. If a firm removed any job(s), the firm’s name is highlighted in red.

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Round Up: Am Law 100 Job Listings, Backstory and Future

I’m glad so many people like the Am Law jobs round-up. I figured I owed you a long-overdue explanation about the column – why I decided to create it and where it is moving. So, stick with me and you’ll find the latest round-up at the end of the post.1

Long, long ago, when I was a job seeker, I longed for a service that compiled all the job postings in one place. Why did I have to visit Martindale, Lawjobs, Monster, Emplawyernet, PSLawNet, Craigslist, Vault, and firm websites to find jobs? No wonder they recommend to take your job search as seriously as a full-time job.

Recruiting firms have it a little easier if they subscribed to any of the products offered by Leopard Solutions, which are nothing short of amazing. (May I add that Laura Leopard is a genius?) For example, Leopard Jobs compiles a database of open jobs at over 460 firms and 80 Fortune 500 companies daily. No, wait, twice per day. Plus, they’re easily searchable by geography or practice area. Couple that with the Leopard Lists, which publishes information on every firm’s attorneys (e.g., name, e-mail, graduation year, law school, undergrad, practice area, specialty, & clients) and, you’ve got a winning solution to match openings with viable candidates.

The only problem? Well, the Leopard List is pretty pricey. To have access to the job listings in the North East only, it costs $1,250/year. For recruiting firms who compete on inside hiring knowledge, the product’s well worth the price.

But what about the everyday consumer? The qualified candidate who wants to apply on their own without a recruiter?2 Or, what about the recruiters who can’t afford the Leopard List?

With the utmost respect for Leopard Solutions, I figured I could come up with a reasonably priced alternative that would cater to the general public. And that was the beginning of the Am Law Job Listings column.

Since November, I’ve published this column for free. Those who subscribe to my newsletter gain access to the column a few days before I post it for everyone else. However, the plan is to move this column over to a members-only section of my site, as I mentioned yesterday.

Anyone who subscribes to my newsletter already and/or who subscribes to my newsletter before I implement the members-only section will have free access to the site forever. Otherwise, the cost to subscribe will be $8.00/month. My goal is to use the money that I earn from the subscriptions to update the listings more often – either by myself or hiring someone to help. (I also take donations or gifts!)

I hope you agree that this is a useful service and its just one of the many perks to which members will have access.

Now, back to the present. Here is the latest round-up of Am Law 100 job listings. I’ve switched to publishing with Zoho Reports rather than Google Documents.3 I think it’s easier for searching and sorting but let me know if you have any feedback.

1 Yes, this is the same round-up that was password protected when published last week. This was a way to show my appreciation for subscribing. Unfortunately, this past time, a few of the subscribers had trouble accessing the password-protected post. I had already started to think that I may need to change how I distribute the listings and this incident sort of sped up the process.

2 Note: If a job seeker signs up to search the Leopard List job board or to receive e-mail job alerts, they see mostly jobs posted by recruiting companies. They do not have access to the database of jobs posted by those 460+ firms and 80+ Fortune 500 companies.

3 Ironically, I saw how nicely professionally Law Shucks tracks layoffs and I got inspired. Hat tip to them!

[Jobs] Round-Up of Am Law 100 Lateral Positions

Since the last round-up, there are 29 new jobs posted! These include a few coveted “alternative” arrangements such as an hourly position at Hunton & Williams in Austin and a practice support attorney opening at Reed Smith’s offices in Pittsburgh.

My guess for 2010? You’ll see a lot more of these positions. They are smart for firms, smart for clients, and smart for employees.

Note: To keep track of the changes, I’ve highlighted the new positions in green (money, baby, money!). If a firm removed one (1) position or more, I’ve highlighted the name of the firm in red.

Still looking for feedback. Also, still considering whether to make these updates solely available for newsletter subscribers (hey, it’s a lot of work! plus, my newsletters are fun and informative!). Thoughts in the comments, please!

If you’d like to sort by city or practice area, you may view it as a Google document. Under view, change the preference to list view.

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[Jobs] Round-up of AMLAW Lateral Positions

Folks, this is something special that I’ve been working on for the past week.