[DC Job] Communication/Branding in DC

UPDATED:  Friday, November 13th, 12:50 pm

You may notice that I’ve deleted job posting that I published earlier this AM.  (It’s not deleted completely.  It’s actually at the bottom of this new, updated post.)

Well, I have some good news and some sorta bad news.

I’ll proceed with the sorta bad news:  After I saw the posting for a legal communication/branding position at a firm in DC, I had assumed the opening was at Womble Carlyle due to the contact’s e-mail address.  Based on its social media presence and creativity, Womble Carlyle has risen to its description as “Innovators @ Law!” (See: the firm’s Twitter bio).  Therefore, I thought it would be a kinda cool opportunity for someone in this field.

Alas, I found out I was mistaken – the power of Twitter! – the position is NOT at Womble Carlyle.  (What’s that expression about assuming things?)

However, this sort of relates to the good news.  There is a legal communication/branding position at a respectable law firm in DC that also wants to integrate social media and other innovative branding practices into its media strategy.  The firm reached out to someone at Womble Carlyle to assist them with their search because of WCSR’s positive experience.

What we’ve learned in a nutshell:  here’s an opportunity for a motivated, thought-leader to bring other top notch firm’s to WCSR’s level in regards to social media.  In other words, someone who wants to fight with the big dogs.


In a contest among AmLaw firms as to who has the best Twitter avatar, Womble Carlyle would win hands down.  True, the competition may not be fierce (see: Am Law Tweeple chart) but Womble Carlyle’s bull dog will probably guard the firm’s legacy for awhile.


In other words, working at Womble Carlyle seems like an exciting opportunity for any legal marketing/communication/branding professional.

Well, good news!  I’m pretty sure that these “Innovators @ Law!” have a “New Job in DC,” based on the contact’s e-mail address.  The full details are available on the LFMP’s job board.

New Job in DC
Posted: 11-9-09

Utilize your branding skills (may be optional), and your media relations experience leading external communications efforts for this top law firm. Collaborate with others and oversea communications strategies including media relations (manage external agencies as well, website content, and the development of collateral materials, etc. Spearheading the communications efforts, you will stretch your craft on a large marketing team of this national law firm that focuses on practice areas to include: environmental regulation, public policy and regulatory affairs, corporate law, government contracts, intellectual property, complex litigation, real estate, energy and finance.

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