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  • @j_lavalley ha! Was SotC in that movie? in reply to j_lavalley #
  • @j_lavalley I'll put it on my queue! in reply to j_lavalley #
  • @gadgetguy I played last night. I really liked it too. in reply to gadgetguy #
  • I'm attending #TrendCamp Philly — (thanks for the reminder, @MVMNT_Mike!) #
  • 15 of 23 via @nonpretentious #
  • I'm at Main Line Health and Fitness (931 E.Haverford rd, Bryn mawr). #
  • RT @ProgGrrl: January Jones to Showbiz411: next season of #MadMen starts shooting in April…& may become "like 2 shows" #
  • @pgardnerii shoot! I'll have to watch it ondemand or iTunes. Can't be late to 24! Thanks for the reminder. in reply to pgardnerii #
  • The usual: orange mango banana vivanno w/ matcha (@ Starbucks) #
  • @uMCLE hey, glad you came up in my feed. did you get my e-mail? in reply to uMCLE #
  • Check out the AMLAWTweeple Twitter list I've added to Listorious #law #lawyer #amlaw #lawfirm #biglaw #
  • I scored You are Justice John Paul Stevens on Which Supreme Court Justice Are You Test at @OkCupid. #okcupid #
  • RT @adriandayton: Overcoming Awkward: A Web 2.0 Wrinkle #MPF #attorneys #LMA #
  • @DavidLBrownJr & @Kevin_Iredell's webinar on law firm economics #
  • RT @LegalITNews: New UK legal IT job: CRM MANAGER. See for details. #Jobs #LegalIT #
  • Have you checked out the new #HARO website? A few law queries re: @NALPorg guidelines & #copyright law & photos #
  • Just helped someone from Pittsburgh, PA with a question about *social media marketing* …on Aardvark! #
  • Saw a job posting for HR Knowledge Manager/Editor w/ @iWorkwell & very tempted to apply. Perfect too b/c contract position – 16 hours/week. #
  • I sorta would like to enter @Amazon's 2010 Breakthrough Novel Award contest #
  • @ImSoSarah thanks for RT! Does @lruettimann wanna write a book? That will be tough competition! in reply to ImSoSarah #
  • @nancymyrland thanks for the RT, Nancy! in reply to nancymyrland #
  • RT @snookerst @GalleyCat: Allen Ginsberg biopic (starring James Franco & Jon Hamm) opens at Sundance this wk. #
  • RT @GalleyCat: For your resume making pleasure, seven new publishing jobs posted: #
  • B/c no guarantees practicing law! RT @ABAJournal: Lawyer Wants to Be Millionaire, Looks to TV Game Show for Opportunity #
  • RT @DougCornelius: Last day to vote for Enterprise 2.0 sessions. My picks: #
  • @LOST_WFTB & @j_lavalley: Rewatching & I'm up to season 4. Wondering yr theories about those metal bracelets re: Naomi & German chick in reply to LOST_WFTB #
  • I need to check it out! RT @VentureBeat: MIT project lets you write code with screenshots, pictures by @kimmaicutler #
  • Kim's last day before Spain. (@ Georges') #
  • I just became the mayor of Georges' on @foursquare! #
  • Looking for a referral for an environmental attorney in or around Phila. Know any? #in #
  • @lancegodard thanks for the RT! Loved that article on your LinkedIn status. Lesson to all ppl who question social media potential. in reply to lancegodard #
  • @econwriter5 thanks for RT! in reply to econwriter5 #
  • @pwoldow thanks, Pamela! I can't DM you but can you send your contact info to mjsachs at gmail dot com? in reply to pwoldow #
  • @gunatin hey Greg, I don't tweet from @mjsachs but I'm glad to see you're on Twitter :-) #
  • Just helped someone from Singapore, Singapore with a question about *pets rabbits* …on Aardvark! #
  • @uMCLE I use it as a quicker Google. I have it IM me w/ questions & I'm on Google talk all day so that can get annoying but I ignore a lot! in reply to uMCLE #
  • @uMCLE Sure thing but that's Google Voice. That's awesome too! :-) in reply to uMCLE #
  • @j_lavalley yay! I love connecting cool attorneys! You know, 'cause we're so few & far between ;-) in reply to j_lavalley #
  • So true. RT @MonsterCareers: There's No Such Thing as "References Available Upon Request" by @kellycuene #
  • RT @devincf @chrislhayes: If you're on Twitter & don't have health insurance, send me an email christopher at #
  • If you send me a business/marketing e-mail, please don't type your instead of you're if you expect me to take you seriously. #
  • Again, please read my newest post! Big Announcements, Site Changes, and Exclusive Content #
  • @MollyDiBi Microsoft Office game sounds right up my alley! (I'm that big of a nerd.) Too bad I only use macs & iWork nowadays. in reply to MollyDiBi #
  • @Eric_B_Meyer thx, Eric. You rock! Please tell me you're not still at the office. Employers can be trained on EEOC compliance tomorrow! :-) in reply to Eric_B_Meyer #
  • Wants to know your favorite law firm websites. #
  • Nice! RT @AllenOvery: Retaining more women to full equity partner with Allen & Overy's part-time partnership #
  • haven't done a #FF in awhile b/c I have my "faves" list. #
  • @aellislegal, I'm so self-conscious about my e-mail. I promise I will solve it. Oy-yoy-yoy. #
  • @PhilBradley, I didn't know about the + sign on gmail accounts. Good to know! Thx for RTing @LawyerKM. #
  • Speaking of gmail, "You are currently using 2282 MB (30%) of your 7415 MB." Is that a lot? How do I compare? #
  • @j_lavalley Oh, cool! I'll connect. Also, re: Lost, the Christian/Jacob connection mystery is killing me. I'm at the end of season 4. in reply to j_lavalley #
  • @j_lavalley ha! I can't skip ahead that far or else I would. #LOST So, what are your opinions on Jack, Locke, & Sawyer? in reply to j_lavalley #
  • Yikes, @jusfonzin, that is scary! ;-) I'd probably be there too if I didn't have 4 other gmail addresses that I use to save big documents. #
  • @aellislegal @jkhoey @hmriskgroup, I'm down for the #SXSW tweetup. in reply to aellislegal #
  • @j_lavalley i like yr explanations! Mine are more vague: I like Jack but he's annoying, I hate Locke (I know, I'm minority), & I love Sawyer in reply to j_lavalley #
  • @j_lavalley, what about Ben? #
  • Kinda wish I went to see Nouvelle Vague tonight at World Cafe Live in #Philly but I have lots of stuff to do at home. #
  • Mtg w/ about website today & need to brainstorm best CMS. Users need to be able to publish & rate videos. Wiki or WordPress, that is the Q. #
  • Definitely not blasphemy, @uMCLE! I was thinking about Joomla as well! #
  • @jkhoey, thx for intro. Perfect timing! I'm debating btwn full wk or only media portion. @lindare, as #SXSW guru, thoughts? #
  • Pizza bagel! (@ Delancey Street Bagels) #
  • I never knew, thx! RT @al3x: If you haven't looked @ in a while, maybe you should. Lots of geek trainspotting to be had #
  • [RecruiterEsq] Members-Only Info & Am Law 200 Jobs – #
  • I'm really impressed w/ how fast Google indexes tweets. I get Google alerts w/in 24-48 hrs of tweeting. And, I'm not like a trending topic. #
  • @christineptran, I second @pauljacobson's recommendation of moo cards. I always get ooohs & ahhhs. #
  • Just helped someone from London, UK with a question about *Wordpress* …on Aardvark! #
  • [RecruiterEsq] Urgent! Please Read Re: Password Issues – #
  • About halfway through troubleshooting the password issues… Please stand by. #
  • @j_lavalley you around? I'm gonna DM you! #
  • @uMCLE thank you. I was about 75% finished and now I've lost connection to my MySQL database. SUCKS. :-( in reply to uMCLE #
  • Yep. @mediatemple already DM'd me. They're looking into it. RT @uMCLE: Ouch. Hope you're getting adequate assistance from your web host. #
  • @uMCLE fixed! Connected to the database again. Did I mention that @mediatemple rocks? Off to finish troubleshooting my problem. :-) in reply to uMCLE #
  • [RecruiterEsq] Password Issues Resolved. Some Usernames Changed. – #
  • Time I learned about password problems: 12:22. Time I had them resolved: 3:15. Not. Too. Shabby. (Of course, better w/ no problems….) #
  • I recommended @apostrophenow to someone who's deciding on a CMS. I've never used it but @geoffd knows his stuff. #
  • @devincf oh no. I heart mark ruffalo. in reply to devincf #
  • Have I mentioned that @j_lavalley = awesome? Big ups to all @RecruiterEsq readers who alerted me to & stuck w/ me thru today's pwd problems #
  • RT @ignitephilly: Please help spread the word that we are looking for speakers for Ignite Philly 5: #
  • @TradeSecretLaw re: last week's tweet, I'm going to send you an email today or tomorrow. in reply to TradeSecretLaw #
  • @voidmstr I've been meaning to reply to yr recommendation. Can you DM me yr email? in reply to voidmstr #
  • Re: Am Law job listings… From what I hear, my readers prefer spreadsheets on Google docs to Zoho reports. How 'bout you? #
  • Cut 1st 1/2, make 1! RT @ProgGrrl @colliderfrosty: Breaking Dawn update. Kristen Stewart says they still don't know if it'll be 1 film or 2 #
  • @spladow & @mikipedia, the GoGreenExpo sounds like @vanityfairmag's 'green' issue. Ads = paper, people! I'm w/ @Neighborgood's approach. in reply to spladow #
  • I downloaded @Mailplane today & I think it's love at 1st sight. #
  • Much appreciated, @DisabilityGuy. Thank you! I didn't want to overdo it but I also didn't want to keep anyone in the dark. #

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My Wish List: ILTA ’09

I love to go to conferences.  I like to meet new people, exchange ideas, and decorate my office with all sorts of conference swag. That’s why I’m on a mission to go to ILTA’09.  For ILTA’09, I’d even do without the corporate swag.

In case you’re not familiar with the International Legal Technology Association (“ILTA”), I’d recommend checking out the conference website along with its blog.  See why I’m on this mission?  Just look at the list of speakers!

Unfortunately, there’s one obstacle between me and my (geeky) version of professional paradise: The $1,025 registration fee.

Don’t get me wrong.  If I could afford to write a check, I’d pay it in a heartbeat.  $1,025 is a lot of money but I’m confident that the four days of networking and learning opportunities would cover my costs in the long run.  In other words, I understand that $1,025 is a small investment to further my career.  I simply can’t afford to make that investment right now.

Therefore, I did what any other motivated girl would do.  I reached out to my Twitter followers and asked them to help me brainstorm ideas on how I could go to ILTA on my shoestring budget.  I’ve received some great ideas and I’d be happy to hear others.

Assuming I can make it to ILTA, I’ve prepared my itinerary for the full four days.  If I can’t make it in person, at least I’ll know which tweets to follow.  Plus, it helped me decide when I should sign up to volunteer.

Monday, August 24th

10:30 AM


What won me over? Other than the subject matter, I follow David Hobbie and Kevin O’Keefe on Twitter.  To me, they’re both “thought leaders” and I know I’ll learn something from each of them.

1:00 pm


What won me over? Like I said above, hearing this panel excites me.  Also, I teach a course on blogging for legal professionals.  This session is similar to a CLE.

Second choice: Law Firm Extranets: Some Different Approaches

2:30 pm


What won me over? Organization and communication are essential to any successful project.

Second choice: Wikis: A Practical Case Study

4:00 pm


How can I choose?  As a former legal recruiter, I’m leaning towards Lateral Lawyers Are Playing Musical Law Firms!

Tuesday, August 25th

10:00 am


What won me over? I hardly know anything about how law firms walk through the pitch and proposal process.  Very practical way to find out more.

Close second: Interpersonal Communication

11:00 am


What won me over? Well, this is the focus of this blog.

Close second: Crossing the Generational Divide: The Competitive Advantage of Four Generations

1:30 pm


What won me over? I’ve already told you about my budget.

3:30 pm


What won me over? Something must have persuaded me…

Wednesday, August 26th


What won me over? I’d like to see how other people pitch the idea of strategic innovation during this downturn.  This type of thinking motivated this.  The responses from law firms – positive or negative – have been few and far between, to say the least.

11:00 am


What won me over? I missed Richard Susskind at the ABA Techshow and I felt really left out.  Resources like this and this made it less painful, however.

1:30 pm


What won me over? Let’s just say that we have a few tricks up our sleeve at RecruiterEsq….

3:30 pm


Still undecided.  Again, I think Executive Image Coaching may win due to the career focus.

Thursday, August 27th

9:00 am


What won me over? I’m a fan of the Keirsey Temperment Sorter.  I’m a Champion of Ideas.

10:30 am


What won me over? Critical thinking of thinking?  Sign me up.

2:00 pm


What won me over? This is like sales training for me.

3:30 pm


What won me over? Same as above: sales training.

Picture 15

I’ll keep you posted about the success of my mission.

Post #2: Creating & Maintaining the #AMLAWTweeple List

Updated: July 22, 2009

Way back in February, I published a webinar on YouTube called, “netTools 101: Web Tools Every Legal Professional Should Know.”

It’s nothing fancy. The slides are hard to see on the video. I posted them underneath… which is a less-than-satisfactory fix for following along onscreen. For anyone who thinks it’s a good idea to print them as handouts, well, my suggestion is to do it in grayscale. But, hey, it was my first YouTube video! Don’t expect Tim Burton or anything! This is web development in action.

On the video, I demonstrate an easy tool to help visualize how a person or entity presents him/her/itself on the web. Although the chart is not lawyer-specific, I had created this tool to analyze how BigLaw firms – the Am Law firms – present themselves on the web as service providers and businesses. I needed a simple way to assess the firm’s web development and this is what worked.

For each Am Law firm, I collect and compile the data required by the chart. Every “web development” I find – each blog, podcast, or Feedburner account – earns the firm one point. If a firm’s web development really impresses me, I reward them with extra credit. I calculate a firm’s “BigLaw Tech Score” by totaling its points.¹

I started this project in late February. It’s late July and I’m still not finished.

Why has it taken me so long?

Well, for one, data retrieval is time-consuming! This is true in spite of the invaluable resources I had at my disposal, e.g., Kevin O’Keefe’s State of the Am Law 200 Blogosphere, Greg Lambert’s List of Large Law Firm’s “Officially Sanctioned Blogs,” Patrick DiDomenico’s list of law firms on Twitter, or Bruce Carlton’s BigLaw Lawyers on Twitter.

The other big hurdle that I’ve encountered is that I haven’t figured out a “pretty” way to publish the scores. Posts sort of cram the information together and become quickly outdated. Plus, text documents are not the optimal solution when collecting, calculating, or comparing data. On the other hand, spreadsheets lack room for thoughtful analysis.

By late May, I was itching to find a better way to proceed with the BigLaw Tech Scores.

Enter: the #AMLAWTweeple project.3

While I brainstormed the fate of the BigLaw Tech Scores, I figured I may as well publish my research in “real time.”² Technically, the #AMLAWTweeple project is my research for one component of the BigLaw Tech Scores – the Twitter accounts at Am Law firms.4

Borrowing the open-source mentality, the #AMLAWTweeple list is public (and costs nothing!). Moreover, others are enabled and encouraged to add to it.

Precisely because of these characteristics, I thought it would be prudent of me to disclose my methodology for creating the list. I aimed:

1. to make the list of Am Law Tweeple easy to read & maintain;

2. to promote interactivity; &

3. to respect people’s privacy.

I’ll address these objectives in reverse order.


I am not ashamed to plug my internet stalking (er, research) skills. In fact, if you want to know about my mad skills, you can ask me to help you find something – anything – on the internet.

However, please understand, as a blogger since 2004, a former legal recruiter, and former plaintiff-side employment discrimination attorney, I am extremely aware of web 2.0 privacy concerns in today’s work environment.5

Therefore, on the #AMLAWTweeple list, I decided to only include people who wanted to be found. I inferred someone wanted to be found if s/he listed the firm at which s/he worked in his/her Twitter profile; if s/he linked to his/her firm URL, or if s/he used a firm e-mail address.

How did I go about finding people – who wanted to be found – to add?

For brevity’s sake, I will refer you to Greg Lambert‘s comprehensive post on 3 Geeks and a Law Blog entitled “Competitive Intelligence in a Web 2.0 World – Part 1: Finding Company Employees on Twitter.” The post describes the type of tools that I used to find #AMLAWTweeple.

As I mentioned in the comments on Greg’s site, was my favorite tool for finding #AMLAWTweeple. On Tweepz, I would search for firm domain (e.g. as well as by firm name (e.g. King & Spalding).

To repeat, I only included people whose names came up in public searches such as Google, Tweepz, Twitter search, or LinkedIn.6

On the other hand, even if someone showed up in one of my searches and approached me and requested to be removed or requested that I not add them at all, I obliged.

(Note: While I mention this below, I should state here that I was less stringent when it came to adding referrals.)


Right, so here’s this new tool, “Twitter,” a microblog through which we can make all these new connections, a global water cooler. Nevertheless, as I looked around the blogosphere, I saw lists of Tweeple – any type of Tweeple list – compiled and published on static posts.


(Hey! I did it too! See: BigLaw Tech Scores.)

Anyway, I decided to see how this tool worked in action. The #AMLAWTweeple list may be published to my blog, but I also tweet my research and directly ask the #AMLAWTweeple who I find if they know anyone else with a Twitter account at their firm.

By approaching #AMLAWTweeple directly, this alerts anyone who’s included on the #AMLAWTweeple list about my project. If people would like to add accounts, they can respond to me (@mjsq) (public), DM me (private), or e-mail me (even more private). It also gives #AMLAWTweeple another chance to send me a (polite) request if they wish to be removed.

In addition to broadcasting this over Twitter, I decided to publish the list as a Google Document to show the potential of collaborative word processing tools. Through the provided form, site visitors can add accounts that I’ve missed via the form – anonymously and in real time.7

While I am less stringent about my public search requirements for word-of-mouth add-ons – mainly because I trust the legal industry’s professionalism – I always tweet updates to the list and @reply people directly.

Easy to Read & Maintain

Again, the #AMLAWTweeple project started as a method to combat the pitfalls of the BigLaw Tech Scores, as I described above.

There are many fantastic resources out there listing lawyers on Twitter, BigLaw lawyers on Twitter. There are even LinkedIn Groups for lawyers and law firms on Twitter.

The #AMLAWTweeple list is not a replacement for any of these sites. It’s my research that I’m sharing with everyone in order to encourage people to share their knowledge with me. With that said, add to it, revise it, manipulate it, comment on it, or respond to it.

And, please, please, please tell me if you want off of it.

Next post in series: The Question is not whether Am Law firms have Twitter Accounts, it’s what they can do with them. More insight into why I created the #AMLAWTweeple list. (Post #3)

This is the second post in the #AMLAWTweeple series. Be sure to read the first post in the #AMLAWTweeple Series and take a look at the #AMLAWTweeple chart.

¹ In case you don’t want to watch my video, to determine a firm’s BigLaw Tech Score, I search for Facebook groups, LinkedIn profiles and groups, Jigsaw listings, official blogs, unofficial blogs, podcasts, whether the firm offers webinars, etc.

For firms with blogs and podcasts, I also list how the firm creates the blog/podcast, how it hosts the blog/podcast, and how the firm is analyzing its visitors.

To calculate the BigLaw Tech Score, a firm receives a certain number of points for each element that adds to its web presence.

I’d like to emphasize that all of the information that I find is available in Google searches or by interpreting a firm website’s source code.

² While I present the information in the BigLaw Tech Scores by firm, I compile the information by component. (E.g., I look up all Facebook profiles at once, I look up all LinkedIn profiles at once.)

³ I tag all relevant tweets with the hashtag #AMLAWTweeple. In Twitter, people can click on the #AMLAWTweeple link to view all tagged tweets.

4In the third post in this series, I’ll talk in more detail about what I think Am Law firms can gain from being on Twitter.

5In fact, all writers on my other website – – publish under pseudonyms. This way, writers have total control over how and to whom they reveal their online identities. They can learn to write for the web without worrying who is reading their material.

6 Again, I emphasize this as a warning and a disclaimer because these searches are easy for anyone to duplicate.

7 The Twitter names show up in real time. I edit the submissions and link ‘em back to Twitter.

Every Lawyer Knows the AMLAW Firms, First Post in the #AMLAWTweeple Series

Last week, I received this question from @VMaryAbraham, “@mjsq Melissa, can you tell me more about your #Amlaw Tweeple project?”

I decided this was a good topic for a series of blog posts.  I’m not sure if I could handle it in one blog post, let alone 140 characters.

Before I address the #AMLAWTweeple project – why I started it (post #3) and what I hope to take away from it (post #4) – I’d like to address why I decided to compile a list of #AMLAWTweeple (post below) in addition to my methodology for adding people to the list (post #2).

While I hope each post is readable on its own, my goal is to use the entire series to answer @VMaryAbraham‘s question. Continue reading

Ongoing Project: AMLAW Tweeple

Last updated: February 1, 2010
Updated version is color coordinated by role in the firm. See below for key. Will publish the full version for members-only. Lists role (partner, associate, counsel, etc.) and practice area for attorneys.