[Jobs] Fed Govt Openings in DC & TX

A few years ago, you may have heard “government jobs” and thought “stability.” When you hear “government jobs” today, you should think “available.”

Whether its the change in the executive or legislative branches or the missteps of the private sector, we are in a climate of government expansion. The hot practice areas at firms are even hotter in the government.

Here are a few of the positions posted lately on USAJOBS, the official job board of the federal government:

Department of EnergyAttorney-Adviser
Excerpt: Provide legal support, advice and counsel to the Principal Offices and Assistant Secretaries for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy on matters concerning DOE energy efficiency and renewable energy programs and activities, focused in particular on the Office of Weatherization and Intergovernmental Programs. Legal support, advice and counsel will involve programmatic issues, proposed and final rulemakings and other regulatory oversight matters.
Salary: 60,989.00 – 153,200.00 USD /year
Location: Washington, DC
Comment: How come I never knew there was an Office of Weatherization?

Federal Deposit Insurance CorporationRegional Attorney/Senior Attorney
Excerpt: Incumbent performs or oversees a wide range of litigation, transactional and bankruptcy, legal work relating to the FDIC’s role as Receiver or Conservator of failed banks, with particular emphasis on the interpretation and application of statutes, regulations, and FDIC policy governing the activities, operations and structure of Receiverships. Participates in the litigation of receivership matters, the resolutions of failing banks, and in the management and sale of receivership assets. Conducts legal research, prepares legal opinions and legal documentation, and participates in legal negotiation in receivership transactional, litigation and bankruptcy matters. Interprets complex commercial and/or civil procedural laws and regulations and makes legal recommendations, orally or in writing.
Salary: 75,143.00 – 169,227.00 USD /year
Location: Dallas, TX
Comment: With 15 vacancies, banks better be on their best behavior.

Office of the Solicitor, Division of Indian AffairsAttorney
Excerpt: This position is located in the Office of the Solicitor, Division of Indian Affairs, Branch of Water and Power. Applicants with experience working with Indian tribes on water rights claims and water law are preferred, however others will be considered. The duties of this position include complex legal responsibilities that deal with rights to the use of water resources and hydroelectric power related to land and natural resources owned by the United States or reserved by the United States for Indian use and benefit. The incumbent will develop and execute litigation strategy, advise the Commissioner of Indian Affairs and staff, and the Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs in the discharge of the government’s trust responsibility for the protection of water resources.
Salary range: 71,087.00 – 129,865.00 USD /year
Location: Washington, DC
Comment: How does the bundle of sticks analogy play out in water law? A bundle of seaweed?

Further reading: Government careers: Applying for federal and security-related jobs, advice from Derrick Dortch in the Washington Post.

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