What’s In It For Lawyers

Hey Legal Professionals!  Want to learn about social media marketing?  How about the secrets of lead generation, sales pipelines, and networking?  Before you say no, let me rephrase the question.  We all know that hand-me-down books of business are relics of the past.  In this world of personal branding, don’t you want to build your book of business?  Or in the words of that M.I.A. partner or marketing staff member who decided to crash your annual firm evaluation: Don’t you want to make rain?

Of course, you do!  Right after you finish drafting those disclosure agreements or that Fourth Circuit brief….

Even if you did have the time – do you pay for a consultant or do you watch that free presentation on SlideShare?  Do you branch out to “thought-leaders” like Jeremiah Owyang or Jeffrey Gitomer or stay conservative and stick with Larry Bodine, Kevin O’Keefe, and David Barrett.  Who the heck is Chris Brogan anyway?

Enter “What’s In It For Lawyers,” a new column on RecruiterEsq.  A hybrid of “best of” lists and your 1L case briefs, we’ll digest all those “must-see” lessons and publish the crème de la crème in a format all lawyers can understand: We’ll emphasize the main points in bold and include a brief analysis of how lawyers can apply the lessons to their practices.  Legal professionals can add their own ideas in the comments as well.  Similar to the Examples and Explanations series, our goal is to be a secondary resource and our analysis will be a starting point, not the final word.  Again, the goal with this series is to motivate legal professionals to think about innovative ways that they can intertwine social media into their practices.

The name of the column derives from “What’s In It For Me” or WIIFM, a favorite saying among marketers and salespeople.  Without getting too technical or psychological – mostly because I can’t find a reputable source to cite – the saying serves as a reminder that rational people act with self-interest.  When a prospect hears a pitch or proposal, their immediate reaction is “What’s In It For Me?”

Lawyers are busy people.  Maybe more lawyers or law firms would like to integrate social media into their practices …if they had time or …if they knew how.

We’re going to make it easy by showing ‘em how.

If you have any suggestions of presentations or articles to feature in this column, please send me an e-mail.

Web Tools Every Legal Professional Should Know

The slides are hard to see on the youtube video.  I’ve posted them after the video in case you’d like to print them out to follow along.  (I hope to get this fixed before the next webinar!)


Slide 1: Introduction

Slide 2: Overview & Disclaimer

Slide 3: Background

Slide 4: Background cont.

Slide 5: Background cont.

Slide 6: Background cont.

Slide 7: Web Development (Definitions)

Slide 8: Web (defined)

Slide 9: Development (Defined)

Slide 10: Wikipedia (Definition)

Slide 11: Wikipedia (Revised)

Slide 12: Blog (Defined)

Slide 13: Podcast (Defined)

Slide 14: Define Your Internet Presence

Slide 15: Define Yourself (1st 3 Categories)

Slide 16: Define Yourself (2nd 3 categories)

Slide 17: Define Yourself (Last 3 categories)

Slide 18: My Internet Presence Defined

Slide 19: Analyze

Slide 20: Evolve your online presence

Slide 21: End

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